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 MRKTplace • PayPal Tutorial

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PostSubject: MRKTplace • PayPal Tutorial Mon Aug 01, 2016 8:49 am

How to Work with PayPal!
**This is from the File Sales Forum, as written by Lapin@FSF, who allowed us to use it on the CanvasForums. The following is a duplicate of that forum's thread.**

In this thread you will find tutorials on the use of paypal.

Post 1 : Information
Post 2 : Creating a Paypal
Post 3 : Adding a Bank Card
Post 4 : Sending Money
Post 5 : Currencies

If you have questions please MESSAGE @Kenopsia, as this thread will be locked.
Anything not answered here, if it is asked, will be added to the thread.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Important things to remember :

- You CANNOT Send or receive money without confirming your email address
- Money may not show up immediately
- You can change currencies in paypal itself

Creating Your PayPal

*All images will be in spoilers to keep the thread short and clean, so click spoilers for visual reference.*

To Create a paypal account, on the main page in the top right of the page select create an account.


You will come to a screen that asks if you want a personal or business account.
Find the explanation for account types here : {Click}

For the sake of this tutorial we will be creating a Personal account.


Fill in your email and a chosen password
(If you cant guess, for this image mine is Pasword123)


From there it will prompt you for your information
It should be self explanatory, so fill it in as prompted.


After this page it will prompt you to add a credit/debt card, or link your bank.
If you do not yet want to do this then in the top left of the screen click the paypal logo and it will take you to your account page.

On this page it will have options for you to do to continue your account set up.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Q: Can I use my paypal account without linking a card/my bank?
A: Yes. My personal account is linked to a Visa gift card to lift restrictions,
since i only spend what i make on IMVU, i do not need personally need to link one,
however if you will not be making money to do this you should link a bank card to make transferring funds easier.

Q: Can i have 0$ in my account without any problem?
A: Yes, unlike a bank, you are not feed for having 0$ in your account.

Q: Do I HAVE to 100% set up my account?
A: No, personally mine is only at 70% but that's due to laziness more than caution.
If you feel uncomfortable giving them specific information you do not have to,
however that will occasionally have restrictions on your account as a result.

Sending Money

When logged in to the main paypal portal, along the main blue bar is an option to send money.
Once clicked it will give you two options : To send as Friends/Family, or as Goods/Services


Sending as Friends/Family

When sending money as friends/family there is no fee.

you will first be prompted to add someones email address or cellular number.


Once you click continue you will be prompted to add the desired amount you wish to send.


Once you click continue it will confirm you want to pay with your paypal funds or if you want to use a linked payment method.


Once you receive a confirmation you have send the funds, you are done!


Sending Goods/Services

When sending money for payments it will prompt you to insert the email/cellular number of the seller.
If you have recently sent money, underneath that it will give you options of people whom you can send to quickly.


Once on the recipient has been entered you will be given the page to send money,
that is very similar to the friends/family payment, but there is one VERY large difference.

When sending look to the bottom of the page, and if it is not a physical item (Namely Files/Art)
Remember to select : NO ADDRESS NEEDED
This cannot be stressed enough the problems not doing this will cause for sellers whom request this payment method.


After this you will once again be asked to confirm payment method and then you will be given the final confirmation page,
both as seen above, and you are done!

Adding A Bank Card
- Soon -

P.S: LaLov@FSF here. When you link your card or account PayPal will ask you to enter a verification code. This code will show up in a few days in your transactions (check your card or bank account status and activity online if you can) so be patient until then.

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MRKTplace • PayPal Tutorial
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