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September 13th, 2017: Adding tutorials for the badging community! We're looking for volunteers to feature and help us write guides - PM Panton to get started with our project!

July 3rd, 2017: Canvas Tutorials is currently undergoing a major revamp. Please excuse any hiccups or glitches.

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 [SOURCE] Group Organizational Tools

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PostSubject: [SOURCE] Group Organizational Tools [SOURCE] Group Organizational Tools EmptyFri Sep 08, 2017 12:19 pm

to help your group stay in the loop

[SOURCE] Group Organizational Tools Cnv_gr10

Tutorial Author: @Pantone // Category: Community
Discord, KIK Messenger


FREE | Desktop/Mobile App

In addition to it's function for gamers, Discord provides the threads that IMVU Group's provides, but incorporates tagging and notifications! Discord, as it's website defines it: "All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that's free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. " can be used both desktop and mobile - with it syncing in both places! providing more than text, this app also features voice channels as well as the ability transfer any files you might need to ship.

IMVU Group use would primarily benefit from Discord in the following ways:

A) User Engagement: From announcements, events, contests and many more real-time uses, use Discord to help keep your group members engaged. Whereas this app-use may not be mandatory, it will help boost traffic and sighs on your group if you tag @everyone and notify your quad that "cycle 2" is open for entries in the main IMVU group!

B) Staff Coordination: If your group has any level of staff past 2, this would be a great tool to use to keep everyone up to date. As you can see in the provided screenshot, our Canvas Tutorials Discord has staff channel equipped for behind-the-scenes use. Discord provides the ability to assign "roles" to server members, so if you need a thread that only those in "staff" role can see, they can be more private.

C) Shop Owner Notifications: It might be a nice touch for your shop owners to be synced with a group Discord so group staff could help notify shop owners of new orders. Agreeing with group active nature, Discord can help folks keep traffic up as they response to order fulfillment.

[SOURCE] Group Organizational Tools Cnv_go10

KIK Messenger

FREE | Mobile App ONLY

As felt throughout the IMVU community, the absence of a notification system could be solved with the use of Kik Messenger. Utilizing similar themes as Discord, KIK is a mobile-based chat system that has the freedoms of anonymity with the comfort of at-your-fingertips communication. Some great uses of KIK Messenger include:

A) AMAZING Tool for Inter-Member Communication: Especially where your group calls for a members-only atmosphere, Kik Messenger can provide an additional layer of connectivity as well as security.

B) Video Chat: GREAT way to engage further with your group members - a video chat! By one swipe of an "on-button" you and your entire group chat can begin talking on the same line, similar to Skype. This is a very useful tool for meetings, interventions and giveaways!

[SOURCE] Group Organizational Tools Cnv_go11


QUESTION: "Free to use, right?"
Yes - in-app purchases are available for both.

QUESTION: "Do you need a profile for Discord?"
NO - but to have the full app access / not have to re-make your name, you need an account.

QUESTION: "Are these options customizable?"
Discord gives you a chance to make a channel icon, as well as KIK gives you an opportunity to name your chat - but that's rather the extent of the customization.
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[SOURCE] Group Organizational Tools
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