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September 13th, 2017: Adding tutorials for the badging community! We're looking for volunteers to feature and help us write guides - PM Panton to get started with our project!

July 3rd, 2017: Canvas Tutorials is currently undergoing a major revamp. Please excuse any hiccups or glitches.

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 [SOURCE] IMVU Badging Community Guide (In Progress)

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[SOURCE] IMVU Badging Community Guide (In Progress) Empty
PostSubject: [SOURCE] IMVU Badging Community Guide (In Progress) [SOURCE] IMVU Badging Community Guide (In Progress) EmptyFri Sep 08, 2017 12:47 pm

a brief overview on this glorious community

[SOURCE] IMVU Badging Community Guide (In Progress) Cnv_ba10

Tutorial Author: @Levi // Category: Community


So, you wanna get started in the IMVU Badging Community? That's great! We welcome you with open arms. Just like any other community, getting started can be tricky. This is a guide/tutorial that will break down the basic know how's of the community, the Do's and the Do Not's, and hopefully help make your experience in the IMVU Badging Community more enjoyable!

Guide List:
Creating A Badge
Pixel Art
Showing Support
Badge Etiquette


The process of making a badge, especially for newer badgers, can be really confusing and
hair-tearing. In this tutorial I'm going to go through the basics and break down the whole badge creating process!

1. Badge Tile(s).
Badging, while a very fun hobby, can be very expensive, and this is something to consider before dipping your toes into the big pool of badge creating. In order to create and put a badge onto your canvas, you will need to purchase a badge tile. One single 20x20 tile, without VIP + a badge sale, will cost 50k, and the price continues to grow the more tiles you purchase at the same time and if your tiles will be animated, but I'll get to tile pricing and all that fun stuff later.

2. Badge Images.
The first step into creating a badge is getting your hands on a Badge image. There are TONS of Pixel Artists on IMVU that you can commission and buy premades from. All of which have a wide variety of styles and price ranges, so it's pretty easy to find and artist that you're most comfortable with.
Please do keep in mind that all Pixel Artists have different sets of rules that you MUST agree too in order to purchase their art. Violation of those rules usually ends in being blacklisted by said artist, so please be sure to read all rules carefully.

3. Badge Donations.
The typical way to get your badge out there is advertising your badge via IMVU Pulse, but it isn't mandatory. Something most badgers do is create their badge into a 'Sticker' for the IMVU Catalog, and collect their donations through that. But since alot of people don't have VIP or a grandfathered account, so in turn you wouldn't be able to create a sticker in the Catalog for people to buy. So, to collect donations, people would need to use IMVU's DT (Direct Transfer) option, LC (LiveChat), or sending in a Help Ticket in order to send you donation credits.
Most people prefer to buy a sticker, since using the DT option makes IMVU puts a 24 hour limit on sending credits directly to another user, and again not everyone has VIP so they wouldn't have access to LiveChat. But don't fret! Having VIP doesn't automatically mean you will get more donations than someone who doesn't. It generally depenends on the donators own taste, and since there is such a wide variety of styles and interests within the community, you're bound to spark someone's interests and recieve some donations evenetually!
My best piece of advice in this area is to NEVER get discouraged if it takes a while for your badge to get any attention. Alot of members in the community are very cautious when doing business with newer badgers, it's not a personal vendetta against newer members, there has sadly been many cases of theft and scams within the community, so members usually tend to spend their money on older and trustworthy badgers.


Pixel Art is a very important part of the community, since we use pixel art as our badge images. Now, when I say "use pixel art" I do NOT mean taking a random pixel art piece off of the internet (Google images, DA, etc..), shrinking it down, and then putting it on a badge tile. This is considered theft and can land you in some serious trouble. In this part of the tutorial I will go through not only how to get pixel art for your badge, but also some tips for newer pixel artists!

DISCLAIMER: I will NOT be giving a list of pixel artists to go to, there are many artists within the community that I don't know of, and I don't want to be labeled biased for not including certain artists. BUT you are always welcome to PM me for a list of pixel artists I would recommend going too.

1. Purchasing Art
As mentioned before, there are plenty of pixel artists on IMVU, all of which have different styles, prices, and rules. There are a few ways to purchase pixel art, one of which is to simply PM the artist with your order. Only do this if you know for sure the artist is open, though. Another way is through IMVU Groups, simply post in the group thread with your order (most artists will give an order form to fill out.) Artists also like to sell their pixels through the GASR Forum, so if your having trouble finding anyone you like in IMVU alone, try checking out GASR.




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Role : Designer & Coder
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[SOURCE] IMVU Badging Community Guide (In Progress) Empty
PostSubject: Re: [SOURCE] IMVU Badging Community Guide (In Progress) [SOURCE] IMVU Badging Community Guide (In Progress) EmptyFri Sep 08, 2017 1:30 pm

This tutorial is under construction, replies will open when when this tutorial is complete!
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[SOURCE] IMVU Badging Community Guide (In Progress) JFtpLip [SOURCE] IMVU Badging Community Guide (In Progress) 3lCUKXH
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[SOURCE] IMVU Badging Community Guide (In Progress)
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