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September 13th, 2017: Adding tutorials for the badging community! We're looking for volunteers to feature and help us write guides - PM Panton to get started with our project!

July 3rd, 2017: Canvas Tutorials is currently undergoing a major revamp. Please excuse any hiccups or glitches.

Coming soon

About Us

Canvas creates and supports an IMVU education environment. We offer tutorials and assistance from some of the community's most active and knowledgeable. Tutorials by users, for users!

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Canvas Time

By being a member of this forum site, you have agreed to the following termsand conditions. Any violation of these terms and conditions will result in disciplinary action against your forum account.

Table of Content

Canvas Forums

General Statements

Forum Behavior and Posting

Theft Policy

Disciplinary Policy

Tutorial Usage Rights

Latest Updates

  • 06/30/2017: Table of Content has been updated with bookmark links. Users can now click on the title they wish to read about and the page will jump to that section. - Updated by Valoish
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General Statements

Points of reference we want to make across the board

  • Two Step Verification
    1. You register with your IMVU Username and IMVU ID Number (#).
    2. You will be activated and added into the “Accounts Verified” group and have full forum access.


Accounts with the incorrect information will be sent an email and/or IMVU message to address the issue.
After two weeks of no contact, your forum account will be deleted.
  • GA-Only Policy

We are basing this rating in accordance to how IMVU's GA settings are displayed. If dealing with AP (Access Pass) content, please PM the item in question via private message, or add censors appropriately.

  • CanvasInc Account Usage

The account "CanvasInc”, both on our forum and on IMVU, is only to be used for administrative purposes. Please do not message that account as a response will not return to you.

  • Content Owner's Risk Policy

All content is posted up at the owner's own risk. Please be sure to add watermarks, lines, etc. when posting previews or premade content.

  • Bullying/Harassment Highlight

Bullying will not be tolerated on any level, this includes, but isn't limited to the following:

    1. Thread spamming. (See “Forum Posting Guidelines”)
    2. Harassment via private message, topic posts, etc. (See “Forum Behavior”)

  • T.O.S Change Policy

The Canvas Staff reserves the right to make changes to this thread, in terms of forum T.O.S./Guidelines, at any time, but are required to notify forum members of any changes via a Mass Forum Private Message

Forum Behavior & Posting

What we expect out of our users and their posts

  • Bullying/Harassment/Trolling/Spamming

The CanvasForums were designed with learning in mind, therefor we expect our members to treat not only our community, but each individual member with the same respect and dignity as they would expect themselves.
Harassment of any kind, as previously stated, will not be tolerated on any level. As outlined in our Disciplinary Policy, the immediate action to follow harassment of any kind will be a 2-week ban, with outlook (for further harassment) of a full ban from our forum site.

  • Foul Language

The use of foul language is frowned upon. Please use it sparingly and not at anyone / any group / any target in particular when posting content to the forum. Canvas Staff reserves the right to edit out foul language used in an overly harmful manner.

  • Reporting User Action

If you are having problems with another user, please contact an Administrator immediately. Do not reply to any forum posts, forum messages, etc. to further the issue.
Any users antagonizing the issue off-site will be held accountable against our ongoing “Disciplinary Policy” for continued harassment once the issue comes to the Administrators’ attention.

  • Forum Accounts Policy

You are responsible for keeping your name changes up to date. Name changes on the forum are available for your access, but your IMVU Username and IMVU Avatar ID Number must stay true to your active IMVU account. Furthermore, members are allowed to register one alternative account, and it must have a corresponding IMVU Username and IMVU Avatar ID Number.


FM Design Users are permitted on this forum without an IMVU account linked. Please seek @Pantone (Pantone@IMVU) or @Valoish (Kya@IMVU) for access to our forum and access to our FMD group on CanvasForums.
  • Forum Image Size Policy

Any forum image that exceeds the 500 x 500 pixels measurement will be automatically resized by the forum’s Javascript, if said image becomes distorted after the automatic resize the image will need to be linked. Our Canvas Staff reserves the right to edit bigger images into a simple link or hyperlink.

  • Forum Signature Policy

Signature for the forum cannot distort the forum post. There is no direct size, however, a Canvas Staff member will contact you if it needs adjusted. Please be flexible.

  • Off-Site Linking

We do allow off-site linking to a handful of places outlined below, all other links need to be approved by a staff member.
ALLOWED: IMVU Links, IMVU-Related Forum links, IMVU-Related Personal Websites, Image Hosting Websites, Social Media Links.


Links that do not pertain to IMVU or the theme of our forum will be immediately removed by Canvas Staff, no exceptions.

Theft Policy

Where we stand, what we consider, how we react

  • Public Knowledge Recognition

Common sources such as free layer styles, HTML/CSS/JS, free fonts and more are of a public access and are freely downloaded elsewhere. CanvasForums recognizes free resources to be used in our community’s work. If the resource is available to all, it cannot be claimed as one’s own unless that individual is the original artist.

  • What We Consider Theft
    • (HBAD): Replica layout design /coding work. This includes minor changes
    • (GASR): Claiming existing art as your own, tracing, copy/pasting bits of another artist’s artwork onto your own. This includes minor changes
    • (CREATOR): Claiming existing meshes/textures as your own. This includes minor changes
    • (Canvas Tutorials): Taking a carbon copy and reselling the tutorial for any amount of currency
  • When Does This Section Apply?

Generally, when something is found to be stolen, it is being sold. This section is due to expand as our knowledge base expands. With the aid of our Canvas Staff and fellow outer-Canvas eyes and ears, we will do our best to keep our secure front strong. If you see something report it to @Pantone directly, via private message.

  • Guidelines For Reporting Theft Cases
    1. Do not engage yourself in the theft case beyond what staff needs from you. This includes but isn’t limited to: calling out the thief publicly, shaming them via IMVU Pulse, spamming their open and active shops, etc. Also in this step, be sure to take any screenshots that might help the report along.
    2. Reach out to @Pantone directly, via our forum’s private message feature.
    3. Upon staff contact, be sure to link any screenshots, provide any text and give a detailed description of what you already know about the reported case.
    4. Allow the Canvas Staff up to 3 weeks to reach a case verdict, you will be notified when the case closes.


FALSE accusations will result in a warning bar dock!

  • Theft Case Security

Due to more delicate subject matters all theft case material, that is processed by the CanvasForums staff team, will be confidential and will not be released to the general public. All theft cases, including potential leads, witnesses, links provided/found, etc. will be held in a separate forum, only available to CanvasForums administrators. Any user seen to be distributing confidential information will automatically be banned from our forum indefinitely.

  • Recovering From A Theft Charge

You may request waring bars / forum access after certain periods of time. Please see our “Disciplinary Policy” for more information on warnings, docked warning bars and banning grounds.

The following time lengths represent the amount of waiting a user encounters when trying to appeal back after an active theft case:
- Minor Infractions: 1 MONTH
- Major Infractions: 3 MONTHS

Disciplinary Policy

Our Three-Strike System & You

  • Three-Strike System
    1. Official Warning: Given when a user breaks TOS the first time.
      Friendly reminder that what part of TOS you broke isn’t acceptable. + 1 Warning Bar Docked
    2. Strike One: Given after the official warning.
      User will receive a 24 hour ban from the CanvasForum, with account access revoked completely during that time. + 1 Warning Bar Docked
    3. Strike Two: Given after Strike One.
      User will receive a 48 hour ban from the CanvasForum, with account access revoked completely during that time. + 1 Warning Bar Docked
    4. Strike Three: Given after Strike Two.
      User will receive a one-week ban from the CanvasForum, with account access revoked completely during that time. + 1 Warning Bar Docked
    5. Final Strike: Given after Strike Three.
      User will be banned indefinitely, with a 3-month wait time before re-applying for the forum community. Users who appeal and re-gain access will receive only 2 warning bars back upon account re-activation.

All warning bars can be earned back through a one-on-one meeting with @Pantone or @Valoish via Join.Me. Users will need to navigate through an interview process and a walkthrough of their original artwork process. To begin this process, you must PM Pantone or Kya via IMVU Private Messaging.

Tutorial Usage Rights

Free to use, free to credit

  • Database Sourcing

Our tutorials are free for use and are permitted to be freely distributed, however, credit is required as for the source of the tutorial. For this overall accreditation, please reference one of the following terms to mean CanvasForums: “CanvasTutorials”, “CanvasForums”, or “Canvas Tutorial Network”.

  • Individual Tutorial Sourcing

In the instance where a specific tutorial is on display or shared, please reference the following as a source:
“The tutorials author, CanvasForums, www.canvasforum.com”

  • Reselling Of Free Tutorials

The forums found on CanvasForums are not permitted of resell, regardless of owner. All tutorials posted within our CanvasForums domain are free for use and free for sharing. Any tutorial content sold for profit is strictly prohibited.