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September 13th, 2017: Adding tutorials for the badging community! We're looking for volunteers to feature and help us write guides - PM Panton to get started with our project!

July 3rd, 2017: Canvas Tutorials is currently undergoing a major revamp. Please excuse any hiccups or glitches.

Coming soon

About Us

Canvas creates and supports an IMVU education environment. We offer tutorials and assistance from some of the community's most active and knowledgeable. Tutorials by users, for users!

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Canvas Time

We are always looking to collaborate and innovate within our staff team. All volunteer based, these indivudals pledge time outide of their needed activites to b here and help our community thrive! If you would like to be apart of our team, please get in touch with a forum administrator!

♛ Administrator

This role is responsible for forum development, high-level account management as well as steering our community forward. You could contact them for improvment suggestions, theft reports, or account concerns.



⚡︎ Community Management

This role is responsible for for elaborating and expanding our tutorial offerings. They can specifically help you find tutorials, discover what field you can excel in, participate in community events and can assist with onboarding new collaborations.


✎ Content Coordinator

This role is all about bringing fresh educational content to this forum. Specifically, they can adapt tutorials, create and post new tutorials, help your submissions get posted as well as arrange one-on-one sessions to help better understand your topic.


❴ ❵ Technician