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 [$$] Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator CC

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[$$] Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator CC Empty
PostSubject: [$$] Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator CC [$$] Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator CC EmptyWed Sep 13, 2017 11:58 am

program overviews and pricing comparisons

[$$] Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator CC Psai_h10

Tutorial Author: @Pantone // Category: Resources


Used by the professional market, Adobe and it’s products are dominating the graphic creation and design spectrum by combining software and easy access use. Over the years, both programs (Photoshop and Illustrator), among other Adobe programs have been under a one-purchase license with expiration date. Now, with the help of an easy-access system, users can subscribe to access every month with or without contract - making is easy and legal to use.

NOTE: We will not be featuring any illegal ways to download or “hack” either one of these programs. Those resources will also not be featured in the “Free Resources” and Canvas Tutorials, and will not be promoted in any way.

Price w/ Year Contract: $19.99/mo | Price w/ No Contract: $29.99/mo | Price for Full Year: $239.88 | CLICK FOR MORE!

Perk #1: Used in a Professional Graphic Design Environment
Like traditional talents used on IMVU, design skills can transfer outside of our virtual community and be used in design firms/agencies, freelancing, and many more applications. As a graphic designer, these tools are used multiple times everyday.

Perk #2: Your App Constantly Updates
With the ever-changing environment that revolves around the design spectrum, using CC automatically updates Photoshop and Illustrator from your desktop hub.

Perk #3: 3 Linked Sources
The use of this piad system comes with 3-linkable sources, meaning if your mom might need Photoshop or Illustrator for any reason, you could link your account to her computer and she can use the app. Think Netflix access here.

This review comes from a professional graphic designer with 5 years in the field, who works with both print and digital advertising. Additional thoughts, reviews and comments are welcomed in the reply section below.


QUESTION: "Does it work for both Mac and PC?"
Yes! In fact, I currently use Mac version at work, PC version at home.

QUESTION: "What is the yearly contract?"
You agree to pay monthly payments over the course of a year. I you were to break the yearly contract, you'd owe Adobe money for breaking your year contract - so if you're just wanting to have the app on, from month to month, the $29.99 is a way better option, despite it being a little more money.

QUESTION: "Why Illustrator?"
Illustrator was mentioned for the increasing popularity that is general logo and design creations across the IMVU platform.

QUESTION: "Any free alternatives?"
GIMP is free to use and can replicate effects from Photoshop and Illustrator, to an extent.

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[$$] Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator CC
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