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 TOOL: Microsoft OneNote / Outlook Apps

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PostSubject: TOOL: Microsoft OneNote / Outlook Apps Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:58 am

program overviews and useful tips

Tutorial Author: @Pantone // Category: Resources


Microsoft Outlook and it's application components have been a free resource for many years, particularly benefiting small businesses and students alike. The use of this resource network spans from basic function to advance tool use -
including programs such as: Word, Excel, OneNote, Flow, Tasks, Powerpoint and Skype (to name a few.) For our purposes with this tutorial, we will be focusing on OneNote application, out of the network's offered apps. Be sure to take time to experiment with other apps that Microsoft Outlook offers for free, and let us know what works for you!


What is it? A tool used like a tabbed binder or notebook - but online and saves progress as you type and add content. Easily shareable, it makes for an easier organization for larger projects, for example, Canvas Tutorials has a whole notebook for itself via our general outlook account and my (@Pantone's) IMVU outlook account.

Perk #1: Many Ways to Organize Small
You can make a new section, then make tabs within that section. Within the running pages, tables, images and even video can be added to illustrate your thoughts fir that section. For example, I could have a section labeled "Interviews" with tabs for each person I interviewed - to drop audio, text and visual references related to that article.

Perk #2: It Is Always Saving
The absence of the SAVE feature creates a secure environment for your notebooks by their autosave feature - which can give you ease of mind as you work.

Perk #3: Desktop App and In-Browser App
You can access this application either from a downloadable desktop app or your choice of web browser!

If you have questions, thoughts or would like to see more detail, please reply below!


QUESTION: "Does it work for both Mac and PC?"
Yes for the in-browser use, but unsure for the desktop application.

QUESTION: "Do I have to have an Outlook account to use this?"
Yep! The application will need to be linked to an email account, through hotmail, outlook or another related Microsoft brand.

QUESTION: "Can you share with people who don't have OneNote or Outlook?"
You sure can! You have the option to create a link, or the option to invite an Outlook/OneNote member.

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TOOL: Microsoft OneNote / Outlook Apps
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